Gennysam y Lily, Singapore

“Gen & Lily”, founders of Tango Eclipse has been dancing for more than 20 years of combined dance experience in Ballroom, Latin and been doing Tango for the last 7 years together. They are the icons to the Tango scenes in Singapore and actively involved in dance performance, choreography, coaching, festivals and promoting the Argentine Tango dance, arts and culture in the Asia region. Their passion has taken them round the world attending festivals and events to gather professional dance and coaching, and very much allowed them the opportunity to learn and interact with the highly respected maestros all over the world. They spent months training in Buenos Aires, participated and were the finalist in Mundial 2012 in Tango Salon by putting Singapore into world Tango Map for the first time. They performed in several Tango Festivals in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Philippines, Jakarta , Singapore and in many famous milonga clubs in Buenos Aires.

Raymond y Lily, Hong Kong

    Raymond Chu and Lily Cheng have won as the champions of the Asian Championship (salon tango category) in Japan 2011 and in both Salon Tango and Vals categories in the Championship in China, 2014. They have represented Asia and China to participate in the World Championship in Buenos Aires.

    Raymond and Lily have started dancing Argentine tango since 2003 and learnt extensively from many maestros to capture the essence of tango. They are an inspirational reference for dancers and performers, widely recognized for their elegance and precision in their dance. Raymond and Lily actively promote argentine tango to a wider audience in HK and China. They have started teaching and founded OTROTango in 2006. Over the years, Lily and Raymond have provided exceptional training to thousands of argentine tango students and international tangueros, gave workshops and perform in many cities in Asia. They have also been invited to perform in some of the prestigious milongas, such as Salon Canning, Sunderland and La Baldosa in the mecca of tango, Buenos Aires.

DaMa and Simona, Beijing

    Dama y Si Meng, from Beijing China, partnered up to dance Since 2014, teaching in Tango Chino Club from Beijing. They grew up quickly with their passion on tango and    . They were invited to perform in well known national and international tango events. Da Ma, studied social Latin dance, salsa and bachata since 2008, was ranked at fourth position in national competition in the same year.

     Si Meng who started to learn tango in 2012, was on the finalist of Mundial China both in 2014 and 2015. She was ranked at the Second position of the competition 2015. In April 2017, Si Meng partnered up with Da Ma and won three championships in Beijing Open. And in May, they won Championships of Tango Pista and Tango Vals. They were also at the Second position of Milonga category. Representing China, they competed in semi-final of Mundial in BsAs in August and reached the 70th.