ANTHONY - EL MAFIOSO (Sydney, Australia)

I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I run a Tango School in Sydney “Tango Spirit” as well as run DJ Classes in Sydney and around the world ( At milongas, which is the night of dancers, lovers of the beloved tango, I play music that people enjoy dancing to - Tango that makes you come back to the dance floor for more. I am passionate about tango music, in fact I am almost obsessive about the music. I am a resident DJ at one of the most traditional milongas in Sydney held twice a month. Been invited to many places around the world: Santiago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, as well as this year to Europe and Turkey.


Being Co-Founder of the legendary Vida Mia Tango Cub and one of the first tango DJs in Beijing, Ricardo has both witnessed and influenced the now flourishing tango DJ scene in the Chinese capital city. After relocating to Shanghai in early 2014,he quickly established a good reputation for answering the call of the tango community for quality tango music in the local milongas.


Ricardo's work is driven by his desire to serve the floor with the most danceable music at the right moment. Golden Age tango constitutes the baseline of his DJ repertoire with occasional excursions into both earlier and later interpretations of tango classics. Listening and dancing to a tanda arranged by Ricardo, you will quickly recognize the time and love invested into arousing the dancers’ deepest emotions.

SIRO (Seoul, South Korea)

Meng Wang (Canada)

Meng is a DJ for the dancers. Being a very active social dancer himself allover the world, he takes pride in providing rhythm, energy as well as emotionaldepth to the dancers on the floor. His up-tempo but sometimes romantic DJingstyle features the most popular classic orchestras generates a exciting vibefor the dancers and often keeps them dancing non-stop through all-nighters. Hisearly DJ influence came from non-other than the Maestro of musicality himself,Chicho Frumboli, who spent a lot of time lecturing to Meng on how to play theright music for the dance floor. Meng Wang has been the DJ for internationaltango festivals such as Singapore, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Montreal, Toronto,Seattle, Vancouver, Palm Springs, as well as Shanghai.

KING (Shanghai, PR China)

King started dancing Tango since 2014. With more and more love of tango and tango music, he started to do research into tango music and history, take DJ workshop, talk to other tango DJs to further understand music. He is now one of Djs in Shanghai regular milongas. In 2017, he was invited by Shanghai Argentina embassy to be a DJ for the event of "World Tango Day".

Believing "Classics is the best", he always tries to use golden age music to let dancers enjoy those moments in the milongas.

Cristiano Chen (Beijing, PR China)

Cris regularly plays music in Beijing from 2013.

He has been invited as a DJ for many tango events in Beijing, Shanghai, Busan, Taipei, Tianjin and Qingdao. Cris is also an experienced dancer. He took part in Tango World Cup 2015 China Qualification and won the runner up in milonga group. He always arranges his music in the perspective of a dancer and focus on how the dancers explain the different music structure, instrument combination and the flow of emotion.  As a traditional DJ, the style of Cris is warm and smooth which let the dancers immerse in the dream of the Golden Age