CARRIE LAU (Hong Kong)

Since Carrie started her tango journey in 2009, she has been fascinated by not just the dance but also the music. Her tango DJ life started from 2011 and since then, she had been DJ at different milongas and festivals in HK, China and Buenos Aires. Every time when she spins the music at the milonga, she always try her best to read what the dancers want and what the dance floor needs in order to make sure that she can catch the glimpses of smiles and satisfactions from the dancers' faces after each tanda.

Georgia Priscou (Athens)

Georgia has been playing music for at least a decade in numerous milongas, festivals and marathons . She loves to watch the dancefloor full and to create smiles on the faces both to people dancing and to those who are sitting. Sometimes, she likes to cook things up and blend different orchestras and eras, adding some spice to the taste! Her main focus is to set a distinct beginning, middle and ending part during the night, in order to form a short tale... As for the rest, you' ll find out when in action..."

Becca (Seoul)

Began to dance tango in 2010.

While becoming interested in tango music, Joinning members of SoloTango club's  "Allegros" DJ Study Group.
And studied intensively with Carlos Lee, Mercury Park, Nero, Damian Boggio, and Bejamin Lee.

From the year 2013, started to work DJ at Tango O Nada ,many events and milongas in Korea
On the one hand ,a main teacher of the Solotango club in Seoul until now.
And as a Organizer , have  2 milongas. Allegre in Onada2 (Every Sunday afternoon),Chemical Milonga (Every First Friday in Onada)

Cristiano Chen (Beijing)

Cris regularly plays music in Beijing from 2013. He has been invited as a DJ for many tango events in Beijing, Shanghai, Busan, Taipei, Tianjin and Qingdao.

Cris is also an experienced dancer and teacher, so he always arranges his music in the perspective of a dancer and focus on how the dancers explain the different music structure, instrument combination and the flow of emotion. As a traditional DJ, the style of Cris is warm and smooth which let the dancers immerse in the dream of the "Golden Age".

Lonic (Seoul)

From the year 2015, started to work DJ at Tango O Nada ,and many events and milongas in Korea

On the one hand ,a main teacher of the Solotango club in Seoul until now.
And as a Organizer , have  a milongas. Allegre in O2 (Every Sunday afternoon)
 -Regular DJ of Tango O Nada in Seoul Tuseday Milonga
-Regular DJ of O Nada in Seoul (Chemical Milonga)
-Regular DJ of Tango O Nada2 in Seoul (Sunday AleGre)
-Regular DJ of Solo tango's Club in Seoul 

DJ El Mafioso (Sydney)

I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I run a Tango School in Sydney “Tango Spirit” as well as run DJ Classes in Sydney and around the world ( At milongas, which is the night of dancers, lovers of the beloved tango, I play music that people enjoy dancing to - Tango that makes you come back to the dance floor for more. I am passionate about tango music, in fact I am almost obsessive about the music. I am a resident DJ at one of the most traditional milongas in Sydney held twice a month. Been invited to many places around the world: Santiago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, as well as this year to Europe and Turkey.

Siro (Seoul)

Siro is a current regular DJ to almost all famous Seoul Milonga. He is regulary sharing his music with people at Milonga Farol, Milonga Nada, Milonga Mercury, Saturday Milonga in Tango o Nada1 and Tango o Nada2.      He have also be invited to be Djing at other irregular events, such as Milonga Luminoso, Milonga Dulce, Milonga Todo, Taiwan Tango Weekend Worm-up Milonga. This year he will will also be DJing at Andres Laza Moreno Workshop in busan Farewell DJ, Suncheon bic Milonga "Estrellas" and of course Shanghai International Tango Marathon.